The Plain Aussie Beef Meat Pie

The Aussie meat pie is an Australian icon and need not be too fancy.

Good basic pastry skills and quality ingredients are all that are required to make a very acceptable product.


Here are a few guidelines;

Pastry Top:

Good lamination with a half or quarter puff and baked through. Not too thick and a good golden colour. No shrinkage. No egg wash runs or boil outs on the seam.

Pie Bottom:

Not too thick (around 3mm as a guide).

Nice even bake and colour with a consistent thickness for sides and bottom.

No raw pastry or over oiled tins. Clean tins are essential.


Red Meat, (beef), thickener, colour and seasoning. Some onion allowed for flavour. Diced or coarse mince or a combination of both.

No gristle or bone is acceptable.

Pay attention to “meat to pastry” ratio.

It is a plain meat pie, not a “gourmet delight”. The pie should be meaty and tasty with a good rich brown gravy, not grey or black! The filling should not fall into your lap when hot, or conversely, stick to the roof of your mouth.


Good luck with your entries and the judging panel will be looking forward to scoring your entries.




Mike French

Chief Judge

Official Great Aussie Pie and Sausage Roll Competition 2019