This is intended to be a fun class that revolves around the latter end of the footy season.

This is a class that allows the entrant free rein as to the top design of the pie which must depict in edible form, their favourite footy team with a few basic rules.

This beef mince pie must be of good quality & suitable to be eaten at a traditional game of footy.


  • The pie must be oval in shape as per the traditional football and must fit into the palm of the hand (Individual Oval Teflon Coated tins can be obtained from [email protected] / 02 4735 1306 @ $5 each or a 6×3 or 6×4 pie pallet @ $100 + freight)
  • Traditional good quality mince beef only to be used (not chunky)
  • Meat filling to be firm and stable when hot (this is to allow the whole content of the pie to be eaten whilst watching the game and not get shirt-fronted!)
  • Top of the pie to depict your favourite team colours and applicable design. Edible food colour only of course.

Judging criteria:

  • Pies will be judged on creativity and originality and marks out of 30 will be awarded.
  • The filling and overall taste, stability, and quality of the pie will be marked out of 20.
  • There will be no bias on the part of any judge taking part in the judging process.
  • 2 Pies with the same design are to be sent into the competition. 1 entry per bakery.

This footy pie category is FREE to enter as long as you enter pies and/or sausage rolls into 1 normal category of the main Official Great Aussie Pie Competition. The only charge will be if you wish to TNT freight your footy pies in @ $45

2017 Winner