2021 Category Winner - Plain Meat Pie

Official Plain Meat Pie Category
(Mince, Chunky, or Combo)

Each establishment is allowed to submit three (3) entries in the plain pie category. This enables those pie manufacturers who make different kinds of plain pies to enter three (3) examples of their work. For example, a plain mince, a plain chunky, and a plain mince/chunky combination entry. Plain pies must contain either beef, veal, or lamb. No vegetables are allowed except for onion.

2021 Category Winner - Plain Sausage Roll

Official Plain Sausage Roll Category

Each establishment is allowed to submit one (1) recipe in the Plain Sausage Roll category. Entries should be single serve size (min 10cm – max 20cm), open ended roll in a puff pastry case with a seasoned meat filling (usually beef or pork or combination of both). Some onion, carrot, herbs, and breadcrumbs may be added for flavour and texture, other vegetables are not permitted.

Official Gourmet Sausage Roll Category

Unlimited entries are allowed by each establishment in the Gourmet Sausage Roll category. Any gourmet filling is accepted including Game, Poultry, Vegetarian, Red Meat, Gluten Free etc.

Official Gourmet Pie Category

The Gourmet Pie Category is divided into eleven (11) sub-categories (see below). Each establishment is allowed unlimited entries in each sub-category. For example, you may enter as many times in the poultry sub-category as you wish (e.g., “Chicken and Mushroom” or “Chicken and Corn” or “Chicken and Vegetable” etc.). You will be charged entry and courier fees for each entry.

Gourmet Pie Category - Red Meat

Red Meat

Beef, Veal, Lamb, Buffalo, etc.

2020 Category Winner - Gourmet Chicken Pie


2020 Category Winner - Gourmet Game Pie


Venison, Goat, Rabbit, Crocodile, Kangaroo, etc.


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Australian Pork



Gluten Free

Gourmet Pie Category - Apple Pie


Multiple recipes are permitted to enter this sub-category, for example “Apple only” “Apple and Raspberry”, “Apple and Apricot” etc. Apple must be the main ingredient in all, however additional fruit is accepted. Short crust pastry must be used for the base and lid. Top decoration is permitted.

Gourmet Pie Category - Brekkie Pie


Sweet or savoury recipes can be entered e.g., Bacon and Egg or Muesli and Fruit.

Gourmet Pie Category - Slow Cooked/Smoked BBQ

Slow Cooked / Smoked BBQ

Beef, Pork, or Lamb.

Gourmet Pie Category - Shepherds/Potato Top Pie

Shepherd’s / Potato Top Pie

Any meat/vegetable filling recipe can be entered. Pies should have a potato, potato variation, or sweet potato top, pasty lid is not required.

2021 Category Winner - Apprentice

Apprentice Category

The pie flavour for this category changes each year and will be announced when competition registration opens (e.g., 2020 = plain meat pie flavour, 2021 = poultry flavour).

The employer must enter a major category in the competition to gain a single entry for each apprentice employed by the business. Although the entry fee  for this category is waived, entrants who choose to use the TNT freight service will be charged for it.

All entrants will receive an Electronic Entry Kit containing tips for the competition and a free EOI promotional set.

Click here to read tips from 2019 Chief Judge Mike French.

2020 Category Winner - Tom Lindsay Pepper Steak Pie Award

The Tom Lindsay Pepper Steak Pie Award

Awarded to the highest scoring pepper steak pie.

The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition - John Ross Innovation Award

The John Ross Innovation Award

Awarded to the most innovative pie or sausage roll across all categories.