How to enter the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition?

Click here to complete the official entry form. Entries without this form completed will not be accepted.

How much does it cost to enter the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition?

Entry is $65 (+GST) per category and $45 (+GST) per courier fee (you may hand deliver at no extra charge). This means if you enter three different categories the cost is $330 (+GST) including the courier fee OR $195 (+GST) if you choose to deliver by hand.

If you enter in six or more categories your freight will be reduced and a quote from TNT will be provided for a large box (broccoli boxes are recommended).
If you are a NEW entrant, you will receive every 3rd entry for free.

What makes a good pie?

A base that is 2-3 mm thick with a nice even cooked through bake. Good lamination on the lid with natural colour. Filling that doesn’t run, is stable and has good sensory appeal (taste, smell, texture, and aftertaste). For more information about this please check out this blog post by 2017 Chief Judge Mike French.

Who has won previous titles?

The previous winners of the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition and the Official Great Aussie Sausage Roll Competition can be found here on our website.

Who judges the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition?

The judging panel consists of industry representatives, bakers, and pastry cooks with extensive experience in the industry. 

Where is the competition held?

The competition is held at Fine Food Australia which is an industry trade show held each year alternating between Melbourne or Sydney. More information about Find Food Australia can be found at their website.