Thank you for Entering the 29th Official Great Aussie Pie & 5th Official Great Aussie Sausage Roll Competitions held at Fine Food, Melbourne between the 10th and the 13th September 2018.

Thanks to TNT, entrants are able to have their entries couriered from anywhere in Australia (charges apply + remote location charges apply).

We would again like to thank EOI for being the Major sponsor of this year’s Official Great Aussie Pie & Sausage Roll Competition. Please contact your local EOI Area Manager for great new recipes, or visit the EOI live demonstration bakery next to the OGAPC stand at Bakery World, for tips and demonstrations from the EOI bakers. For more information on EOI – please contact

We would also like to thank Massel for sponsoring our Red Meat Category with a fantastic prize worth over $350! In addition they will be rewarding $250 worth of Massel products to the highest scoring entry using their products; all you need to do is tick the box on your judge’s information sheet (which you will receive once you have entered) and make a note of which Massel product you have used. They are also giving EVERY entrant a 1.75kg Food Service sized tin of their NEW Rich Roast Gravy Powder to try.

We have over 14K worth of cash and prizes, please head to this link for more details!
Prizes and Sponsor Promotions

First time entrants – Enter in any 2 Categories and get a 3rd Category for FREE (Inc. Free Courier for the 3rd Category). Eg: Enter in 6 categories total and get 2 free etc… This will auto calculate on your entry form.

If you are not aware being successful in the “Official Great Aussie Pie & Sausage Roll Competition” can be very beneficial to your business, past winners have noticed a huge increase in sales through the publicity of the Competition.  We would encourage everyone to get behind this year’s Competition and start promoting in your local area, let people know you’re entering and what you’re entering, decorate your shop and send it through so we can place it on our social media & further promote your business!

Daily results will be posted on our website at Facebook. Major winners announced on Thursday 13th Sept @ the Competition / also watch this LIVE on Facebook from 3pm!
If you need more information you can talk with your local sponsors’ representatives or phone Dani, National Manager, Australian Pie Council on 0410 644 300.

Good luck and we look forward to receiving your entry form by Friday 24th August for couriered entries / Friday 31st Aug for hand delivered entries

Official Plain Meat Pie Competition

We allow THREE entries in the plain pie competition from each establishment. This enables those pie manufacturers who make different kinds of plain pies to enter three examples of their work. We will accept both a plain mince, a plain chunky and a plain mince/chunky combination entry. The plain pie must contain either beef, veal or lamb. No vegetables are allowed except for onion.

Official Gourmet Pie Competition
The Gourmet Pie is divided into 8 categories: (1) Game (Venison, Goat, Rabbit, Crocodile, kangaroo, etc), (2) Poultry, (3) Vegetarian, (4) Red Meat (Pork, Beef, Veal, Lamb, Buffalo, etc.), (5) Seafood, (6) Gluten Free (pies and sausage rolls), (7) Apple Pie* & (8) Brekkie Pie**.

Unlimited entries are allowed in each category of the Gourmet Pie Competition. i.e. you may enter as many times in the Poultry Section as you wish (Eg: “Chicken & Mushroom” or “Chicken & Corn” or “Chicken & Vegetable” etc.), as long as you pay the required entry and courier fees for each entry.

*Multiple Apple Pie types are permitted to enter this category. Apple must be the main ingredient in all, additional fruit is accepted. Pastry must be shortcrust for the base and lid. Top decoration is permitted. Entries accepted could be “Apple only” “Apple & Raspberry”, “Apple and Apricot” etc.

**Brekkie Pies can be entered as savoury (Eg: bacon & egg) or sweet (muesli & fruit).

Official Sausage Roll Competition more info

The Sausage Roll has 2 categories: Plain & Gourmet Sausage Roll. 1 entry is allowed in the plain section and unlimited entries area allowed in the gourmet.

Official Great Aussie Footy Pie Competition more info
This is intended to be a fun class that revolves around the latter end of the footy season. This is a class that allows the entrant free rein as to the top design of an oval shaped beef mince pie which must depict in edible form, their favourite footy team design/colours with a few basic rules.

This beef mince pie must be of good quality & suitable to be eaten at a traditional game of footy.
2 Pies with the same design are to be sent into the competition. 1 Entry per bakery.
This footy pie category is FREE to enter as long as you enter pies and/or sausage rolls into 1 normal category of the main Official Great Aussie Pie Competition. The only charge will be if you wish to TNT freight your footy pies in @ $45 + GST


 New Category “Official Great Aussie Boutique Pie Competition”
Are you making a pie that’s just a bit different and may not fit the norm? We are looking for something different! Your boutique pie must still have the savoury filling and be somewhat encased in pastry, but could look a bit different, be a pot pie, a fold over pie, not what we call a traditional Aussie meat pie. Max of 2 entries per bakery / Single size serve/portion to be received.

The Tom Lindsay Pepper Steak Pie
This award will go to the highest scoring pepper steak pie.

The John Ross Perpetual Award
This will go to the most Innovative Pie; this will be judged across all categories by our team of judges.

Massel Award
This goes to the most highest scoring entry using their products; all you need to do is tick the box on your judge’s information sheet (which you will receive once you have entered) and make a note of which Massel product you have used.

Once you have entered you will receive an entry pack with ALL criteria information.
Please refer to the Prizes & Sponsor Promotions doc on our website for further details

• Entry by official entry form only.
• When your entry is accepted, you will be sent an ELECTRONIC Entry Kit containing the relevant details, handy hints, PR advice, etc.


• All entries must be signed by the entrant – unsigned entries will not be accepted.
• All pies/sausage rolls must conform to the relevant health rules and regulations in their state of origin.
• The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
• All entrants declare that their entries will be produced for a minimum of 6 months following the competition and agree to provide the suggested retail price of their entry for judging purposes. Failure to satisfy this requirement will mean automatic forfeiture of title.
• All gourmet pies & sausage rolls must also provide a retail price and ingredients information sheet for that particular entry. Judges will take that price into account to ensure it could realistically be produced and sold for that price.
• All gourmet pies must use, as the base ingredient, the particular category entered. (Eg: A Seafood Mornay Pie must contain seafood as its major component). All entries must be produced in the premises nominated on the entry form.





  • All pies/sausage rolls will be judged to the set criteria by a professional judging panel.
  • All entries will be coded and presented anonymously to the judges.
  • The Official Great Aussie Pie & Sausage Roll Competitions will again be looking for the best in everyday commercially produced meat pies/sausage rolls.
  • In the Gourmet Pie & Sausage Roll Competition the judges will be looking for innovation, creativity, presentation, aroma and taste. Full details of judging criteria will be available in your Entry Kit. Please remember that the judges are not just looking for a “value added” entry. Additional points will be awarded for creativity and innovation.
  • A minimum of 4 pies/sausage rolls (for each category) are to be supplied for judging – they must be fully cooked out and ready to eat. Allowances are always made by the judges for entries that have to be frozen for transportation purposes.
  • Although there are no set weights for the Competition, each pie entry must be a standard single serve lunch pie (Eg: party & family size pies do not qualify) or sausage roll.

IMPORTANT: Major Winners of the Competitions are given permission to use the title. “Official Greatest Plain Pie Maker in Australia”, “Official Greatest Gourmet Pie Maker in Australia”, “Official Greatest Sausage Roll Maker in Australia” or “Official Greatest Gourmet Sausage Roll Maker in Australia”  for a period of 12 months from the announcement of the results of the 2018 competition.


Courier pick-up days =
NB: There are some slight variances on dates. Each entrant will receive an email from TNT the week prior to the competition. The email will contain the pickup day and consignment notes to attach to your entries.

NSW, SA Regional WA/QLD/ VIC – Monday 10/9/18

Perth, QLD, NT, TAS – Tuesday 11/9/18

Hand delivered entries must be presented to the competition check-in desk on Monday 10th Sept between 7.30-9.30am

Please check your state for Rural Area postcode details;