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Official Great Aussie Pastie – New Title for 2023 OGAPC

The primary objective of the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition is to recognise and promote good quality pastries for Australian consumers and local media. This year to further our primary objective we have introduced the new title of Official Great Aussie Pastie of the Year and we’re excited to see the variety of entries we get from businesses all over Australia.

An establishment is eligible to register one pastie using a traditional meat recipe. Three pasties must be supplied for judging purposes. We are looking for a puff pastry turnover-style pastie, not a Cornish-style one. Please note, the following guidelines:

  • Size must be single serve
  • Puff pastry must be used
  • The filling must contain Beef or Lamb mince combined with a vegetable mix of at least peas, carrots, onion, and potato.
  • Corn, other vegetables, and seasoning may be added for flavour.

Judges are asked to consider every individual pastie with a view to scoring it out of fifty points and provide feedback were requested by the entrant. The judging process is broken up into three stages with the following criteria and point allocation:

  • Stage One (15 points): Pasties are inspected to ensure they meet the definition of a single serve. Those deemed over or undersized by the judges will be disqualified.
  • Stage Two (15 points): The external visual appeal of the first supplied pastie is assessed for pastry appearance and quality, bake quality and glaze. The internal appearance is judged using the second pastie. This includes pastry thickness and lamination, bake quality, filling volume, and colour.
  • Stage Three (20 points): The third pastie will be warmed to assess hot characteristics including, the texture of the filling and pastry, aroma and taste, mouthfeel, and overall quality.

For ideas and recipes please check out this delicious recipe from EOI and keep an eye on our social media for some Pastinspo!

All pasties entered will be judged during the four days of the competition, with the highest point scorer being the national winner and receiving the title of Official Greatest Aussie Pastie of the Year. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal certificates will be awarded accordingly to all entries that meet or exceed the Aussie Pie Council Quality Standards.

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