The Aussie Pie Council presents the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition

The Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition was established in 1989 by John Ross and Craig Perry with the aim of raising the quality standards of pies throughout Australia. For more than 30 years the competition has built pride among bakers, chefs, and even butchers, and established passion in the art of pie-making while forming an industry benchmark for excellence.

Over time John Ross and Craig Perry have both stepped back from full-time involvement while remaining the face of the competition and continuing to consult the council, judges, and support crew. Their valuable input and expertise are always appreciated as proven Australian meat pie specialists.

In 2011, the Aussie Pie Council (APC) purchased the rights to the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition with the commitment of continuing its values, traditions, and high standard of competition. The APC continue to source the best judges from the industry including TAFE trainers, qualified bakers and chefs, and industry representatives with extensive experience and the ability to provide valuable feedback for each entry.

In 2013, the Official Great Aussie Sausage Roll Competition was established under the same framework as the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition. Since then, both competitions have experienced growth and diversity while playing an important part in the promotion of two true Australian icons.

As Australia’s leading competition of its kind, we understand that it wouldn’t be possible to do what we do without the ongoing support from our entrants, sponsors, and the industry. Thank you to all who participate, support, and promote The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition.

The Aussie Pie Council

The Aussie Pie Council is a consortium of industry-leading companies including Complete Display Equipment, Simple Simon, and the National Baking Industry Association. We provide a national platform to raise the quality standards of pies and sausage rolls throughout Australia.

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