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makes a Great Aussie Pie?

What makes a Great Aussie Pie?

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It’s the Official, It’s the Original, It’s the Greatest… Since 1989.

It’s no secret that Australian’s love pies and sausage rolls! Whether they are sweet or savoury, history has told us that Aussies crave high-quality fillings, delicious flavour, and perfect texture when on the hunt for greatest smoko snack.

Since The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition began in 1989 it has provided an official industry backed endorsement of the greatest pies and sausage rolls in the country. While establishing pride and passion among bakers, and forming an industry benchmark for excellence in the art of pie making.

Each year the Aussie Pie Council encourage bakers, chefs, pastry cooks, and even butchers to take part in the official, original, and greatest pie competition in Australia. With fantastic prizes, muchly coveted titles, and a barrage of other benefits you simply can’t miss out on registering your entry.

From the Aussie Pie Council and our event Sponsors, good luck to all competitors and may the best pie and sausage roll win!