Footy Pie Category - The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition

The Best Footy Pie in Australia

In 2017, a Footy Pie Category was featured in The 27th Official Great Aussie Pie Competition. This category was intended to be a fun class that revolved around the latter end of the footy season.

Entrants were given free rein and encouraged to be creative and innovative with the top design of their pie with the only restrictions being pie shape and meat. The pie must be oval in shape as per a traditional football and must fit into the palm of the hand for easy eating while watching the footy. The pie filling must be minced beef with a firm and stable consistency when hot to ensure the pie doesn’t end up on the footy fans’ shirt instead of in their mouth.

Decorations for the top of the pie should be non-toxic, edible, creative, innovative, and depict your favourite footy team.

Judging criteria includes:

  • Creativity and originality
  • Taste, stability, and quality of the overall pie and filling
  • Judges will not show biased to pies representing their favourite team
  • Entries are limited to one (1) per establishment
  • A total of two (2) pies with the same design are to be supplied for judging.

This footy pie category was FREE to enter as long as the establishment entered pies and/or sausage rolls into at least one other major category. Entrants were charged freight for delivery of their footy pies.

The Aussie Pie Council would like to thank Robot Coupe for their sponsorship of the category and for providing a Commercial 5L Planetary Mixer worth $1020 as the prize.

Check out the variety of pies entered into the category in the gallery below. What would your footy pie look like? Tag us in photo of your pie posted on social media.