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Official Great Aussie Pastie – New Title for 2023 OGAPC

The primary objective of the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition is to recognise and promote good quality pastries for Australian consumers and local media. This year to further our primary objective we have introduced the new title of Official Great Aussie Pastie of the Year and we’re excited to see the variety of entries we […]

Long Hoang - In recognition of a great Pie Maker

In Recognition of a Dedicated Pie Maker

In 2000, Long and his wife Twee established their own commercial bakery called Bread Provisions in Wangara, Western Australia. Bread Provisions, specialised in bread rolls, however, Long’s passion had always been making pies and he spent his spare time perfecting his own recipe. In 2013, Long Hoang entered his masterpiece Steak Pie in the Perth […]

33rd Official Great Aussie Pie Competition Prizes

Prizes for 2022

The Aussie Pie Council and Sponsors of the 33rd Official Great Aussie Pie Competition have arranged an awesome selection of pie comp prizes for this year’s competition. All entrants will also benefit from a variety of promotions from our valued sponsors. Please note this list is updated as necessary, so check back regularly for more […]