Long Hoang - In recognition of a great Pie Maker

In Recognition of a Dedicated Pie Maker

Long Hoang - Great Aussie Pie Maker

The Australian pie industry is in mourning at the loss of baker and pie maker Long Hoang who recently passed away. After migrating to Australia from Vietnam as refugees, Long, his mother, and Uncles established and ran several Vietnamese bread roll bakeries in Perth.

In 2000, Long and his wife Twee established their own commercial bakery called Bread Provisions in Wangara, Western Australia. Bread Provisions, specialised in bread rolls, however, Long’s passion had always been making pies and he spent his spare time perfecting his own recipe. In 2013, Long Hoang entered his masterpiece Steak Pie in the Perth Royal Easter Show to win first place, this encouraged them to enter more competitions, such as the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition where they took out the 2013 Official Plain Meat Pie title. From here the decision was made to change the business and focus on the production of pies.

In 2014, Bread Provisions rebranded to Baked Provisions and expanded their business to the eastern side of Australia. With a brand-new factory in Prestons, New South Wales, and the original Wangara factory their full-time pie business now supplied product to the entire east coast of Australia including over 1000 supermarkets. Today Baked Provisions supplies a broad variety of pies, sausage rolls, cakes, and sweet treats to a variety of clients throughout Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and Canberra.

Year after year pies from Baked Provisions have been awarded in the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition and other foodie awards. Mike French (Official Great Aussie Pie Competition Judge) said, “He (Long Hoang) was a perfectionist and was always willing to learn. He was a great pie maker and industry professional and will be greatly missed”.

Long believed the secret to his success comes from selecting the very best ingredients and using home-style baking techniques. His legacy will continue for many years to come through his pies, sausage rolls, cakes, and sweet treats and he will be missed by those who have been lucky enough to meet him in person.